Baby's First Year Photography Package

Your baby's first year is a special time - you may be lacking sleep (and feel like you're lacking in sanity at times!), but it is still a time that you want to remember forever. Package contains sessions for:

Newborn > 6 Months Old > 1 Year Old

Newborn Photo Session

Congratulations On Your New Arrival!

You've done an amazing job to get this far, and you must be bursting with pride and wanting to show your beautiful new baby off to the world!

We will take the utmost care to ensure that your baby is safe, comfortable and happy at all times... happy babies make cute photos :-)

What To Expect...

This session is normally at around 1 week old. There's plenty of time to break for a feed (or nappy change!). We'll book in your next session at this point too - usually around at around 6-7 months old. Birth Announcement Cards are a popular product from this session.

Six Months Photo Session

Look, I Can Sit Up!

Your baby's strength continues to grow, and they should now be capable of sitting up by themselves (though they may still be a bit wobbly!). This brings a whole new world of opportunities for them to play and interact, and a whole new world of photographic opportunities too!

This is a great shoot to get Grandparents involved!

What To Expect...

Normally takes place around 6-7 months old. Your baby should be sitting up, and will now be able to hold any toys/keepsakes you would like to include. We'll book in a provisional date for the next session at this point too, usually around 1 year old (though this can be changed if your baby is not walking by that point).

One Year Photo Session

Wow, What A Year... Happy Birthday Baby!

What a year indeed... you're probably exhausted but you're definitely soooooo proud of your little person. Their personality has developed along with their abilities, and they may be crawling, or even walking at this point! Let's capture this special time forever...

What To Expect...

This shoot normally takes place around 12-13 months old, though this can be delayed if baby is not walking yet. Birthday gifts, balloons and even a cake make great props for this session. My First Year Albums and Montages are a great way to show off your baby's progression through the Baby Grow Photography program.

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